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Starting out Under the bridge Floating down the river Tim, Suzanne, & Craig
Clutch catch Me At the footbridge Killer swans!!!!
Under a bridge Craig & Brian Bob, Craig, & Brian De-toobed
Bob & Booth Bob Still de-toobed Swimming for beer
Amy & Omid Me & Suzanne Suzanne & me Kyle & Bob
Passing a beer Perfect catch Jumping off a bridge Kyle jumps
Craig jumps Booth jumps Kyle jumps again Suzanne jumps
River weed At the footbridge Brian under the footbridge Me under the footbridge
August 4, 2001

Tim organized a group to head to the San Marcos River on the San Marcos Lion's Club toobin' route. Since the ride down the river was only an hour long, we went twice.

The highlights of the second trip were Tim, Craig, and Kyle falling or being dumped out of their toobs and struggling to get back in.