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Launching the kayak
Kayak away!
Anita & Trish
Take it off!!
Tom & turtles
The group
The group
The group
Bob in the rapids
Bob & turtles
Wrong-Way Tom
Brian & the beer
Anita & Trish
Feeding Tom
Feeding Tom
Brian snoozes
Steph, me, Anita, Trish
Steph, me, Anita, Trish
Brian, Trish, Anita, Steph
Steph swims
Anita, Bob, Tom, Trish
Anita through the rapids
Bob & Steph in rapids
Sept. 3, 2001
New Braunfels, TX

Several people had missed toobin' the previous month, so on Labor Day we went out to the Rockin' R in New Braunfels. To be different, Trish and Anita rented an inflatable kayak instead of toobs. It was a nice, relaxing, 3-plus-hour-long float down the river.