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Eating on the hill Kyle & Omid
5 kinds of sausage Tom & Brian eat Chowing down
Scary Kyle Tom & Trish Craig the Beer Man!!
Omid's devil eyes Fried cheesecake Wurstfest food hall
Amy with Brian's teeth Kissing with Brian's teeth Omid with Brian's teeth
Brian with Brian's teeth Another Brian fake smile Brian chases Suzanne
Brian chases Suzanne Suzanne flees
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November 9, 2002
New Braunfels, TX

One Saturday afternoon, a group of us caravanned down to New Braunfels for tons of sausage and beer at Wurstfest. We had many kinds of meats on sticks, fried cheesecake, and of course beer. Naturally, after gorging ourselves we went for a ride that spins you upside down four times. (Nobody puked). The evening ended with "the best fucking Chicken Dance ever!" performed by the "world's greatest polka band."

Most of the photos are stills from the footage we shot with my camcorder; the rest are from my film camera. The black-and-white shots are from my camcorder in infrared mode with the green night vision tint removed.