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Getting ready for the show Decorating the hall First kidnappers arrive
Kidnappers & victim Kidnappers & victim Kidnappers & victim Kidnappers & victim
Handing off Tom The unmasking SURPRISE!! SURPRISE!!
Brian adorns Tom Brian adorns Tom Tom struts Thanking the volunteers
Thanking the volunteers Kidnapping video Tim & BQ Roastmaster Brian
Trish & Traci NI writers past & present Steph, Barbara, & me Steph, me, & Trish
Tom & group Brian F. & Shelley Socializing
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January 25, 2003
Austin, TX

Two months before Tom turned 40, a bunch of us started planning a surprise birthday roast for him. The plan included actually kidnapping Tom and taking him to the McBeth Recreation Center near Zilker Park in Austin.

The program for the roast included a dramatic reenactment on video, a short film inspired by Being John Malkovich, another 40 or so minutes of video of and about Tom, and a slew of skits and stories presented live from a wide range of people in Tom's life.

Because I was busy running the multimedia equipment, this was one of those rare times I didn't take any photos. Anita took over that role using my camera, and Trish, Amy G., and Caroline shot a lot with their cameras too. And then there's the photos people took with the disposable cameras on each table.

Some people like Leslie and Erol and his sisters Caroline and Liz flew into town just for the festivities.

Trish and Brian were the main organizers, and Brian served as roastmaster. I directed and edited all of the films and ran the multimedia presentations.

Others who worked hard putting the festivities together include Anita, Kyle, Tim, Amy K., Omid, Amy G., Leigh, Virginia, Mary Alice, Craig, Suzanne, Caroline, Tamara, J.M., Randy, Renee, Mitra, Marcus Bob, and many others.