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Sleepy in Tokyo
West Lake Expo Jerry at West Lake Expo West Lake Expo
West Lake Expo Tourist ride Grilling kabobs McDonald's umbrella
Doctor's office Porcelaneous mono- polization Store Fish shop Chinese lanterns
Me in West Lake Expo Chinese Passat taxi Employee rally Broken Bridge
West Lake hill The city of Hangzhou Baoshu Pagoda West Lake Broken Bridge
West Lake Broken Bridge Me in Hangzhou Broken Bridge again West Lake pagoda
Me by West Lake Jerry by West Lake Emperor's West Lake retreat
West Lake island flowers
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February 4–16, 2003

Jerry invited me to join him on a trip to see the sights in Hangzhou, China for a week. Since I would already be in China, I decided to make a side trip on my own to Beijing to see the Great Wall as well (even though it was nowhere near Hangzhou or Shanghai, my port of entry). As an added bonus, I spent a good chunk of one day walking around the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square. I also spent a day touring Shanghai.

I was quite proud of the fact that I successfully spent a week in China by myself.

For both a summary and a (very) detailed account of the trip, see my travelogue.