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After dinner Blowing out the candle Omid's high score
Anita plays strip poker Jay, Kent, me ??!?!??!?
Marcus plays strip poker Omid vs. Marcus Air hockey
Kent (and girls) Hanging in Buffalo Billiards Chamberlain siblings
Shot time! After a shot Me with Omid's graffiti
September 18, 2003
Austin, TX

For my birthday this year, Trish organized a dinner at La Traviata, followed by pool at Buffalo Billiards. Many of the guys went straight to Buffalo Billiards to watch Brian's alma mater beat the Aggies, while the rest of us enjoyed good Italian food and wine before joining them.

We ended up bar-hopping on Sixth Street, going from Buffalo Billiards to Cheers Shot Bar to Roppolo's Pizza to the Driskell Hotel, finally capping the night at the Stephen F. Austin Hotel (which, coincidentally, was where we started my birthday festivities last year.