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Meca & friend Bob & me
Me, Trish, & Bob Omid, Kyle, Brian, & Amy Brian, Amy, & Omid
Trish, Kyle, & others Eric & Tim Tim, Eric, & Brian
At Tim's house At Tim's house Oooooh, preeetty
Eric, Tim, Brian, & Omid Eric, Brian, Tim, & Omid Dinner party
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December 31, 2003–January 1, 2004
Austin, TX

Two New Year's parties diverged in a wood, and I, I took the road less ... well, actually, I took both paths.

The usual Hyde Park Progressive Party started at Tim's before moving on to Amy and Omid's and ending at Meca's. Meanwhile, Craig, Suzanne, Anita, Carolyn, and Ward also hosted a dinner party at Carolyn and Ward's house that served as both a New Year's party and Bob's birthday party. Unable to commit, I chose to make appearances at all places.