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Jerry near Chinatown
Chinatown Chinatown Me in Chinatown
Trans- america Tower San Francisco shopping Different styles Not impressed
Not impressed either Lame exhibit NASA's Ames Research Center John Kerry rally
Laser scan My laser scan Goalie Dipu Infrared Jerry & me
Infrared Jerry & me Me in outline Downtown San Jose The Tech museum
Jerry & mounted police Downtown San Jose The Pacific
January 16–19, 2004
San Francisco / San Jose / Sunnyvale, CA

I hadn't visited Jerry in California since 1997, so in mid-January I flew out to spend a long weekend in the Bay Area. Jerry and I covered Chinatown in San Francisco, downtown San Jose, and the Pacific coastline, among other areas.

After I planned this trip, Anita's surprise birthday party was announced, so I missed that ... but I still got some photos from others afterwards.