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Party decor Party decor Deb & Cal get ready
Deb prepares Cal prepares SURPRISE!! The victim arrives
Virginia & Tom Virginia, Anita, & Tom Amy, Tim, & Brian All looking at something
Tom & drinks Ward & Cal Suzanne & Craig Ward, Amy, Barbara, & Kyle
Virginia & Suzanne Trish, Amy, & Bob Ward, Tim, Anita, & Craig Barbara & Kyle
Trish, Brian, & Omid Amy & Bob Tim, Anita, & Amy Anita's boots
Ward, Tom, & Virginia Amy & Omid Bringing out the cake
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January 17, 2004
Austin, TX

Deb, Carolyn, and Suzanne organized a surprise birthday party for Anita on the Saturday before her birthday. Everyone even dressed up to make it more of a formal affair. I missed the party because I was visiting Jerry in California, but others took photos in my stead, so here they are!