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Craig, me, & Kyle Liz, Andrew, Tom, & Craig Bob & Brian: TV zombies
J.M. & Tamara arrive Liz & an olive Liz & Andrew
Me, Brian, & Anita Tom & Virginia & Velvetta Anita, Brian, Tam, & J.M.
Amy & Omid arrive Matt, Lisa, & Anita Lisa, Tamara, & Anita
Omid & J.M. Relaxing at Barbara's Tom, Barbara, & Andrew
Lisa & Barbara Fan Man Late partygoers
Same but different
September 11, 2004
Austin, TX

It may have been a year plus after she moved in, but Barbara finally had a housewarming party!

I also got to debut and test out my new digital camera, which I'd gotten that afternoon. Yes, I finally succumbed and got a digital still camera. I'm not giving up on 35mm film, but a pocket-sized digital is great for events like this.