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Cal & Ward's patio Dinner party Babs Bob & Cal
Deb Amy, Anita, me, & Ward Amy, Anita, me, & Ward Ward's friends
Me, Ward, & Babs Cal in the kitchen Maddie!! Brian, Trish, Tim, & Kyle
Virginia, Brenna, & Eman At Omid's bar At Omid's bar Fine liquor
Partygoers Airhorn!!! Tom, Kyle, & Brian Trish walks, Brian drives
Brian drives, Tom talks Jalapeno tequila shot Cheers!! At Meca's house
DeNiro in Cape Fear? Kyle blocks Omid Tim smokes Another jalapeno tequila shot
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December 31, 2004–
January 1, 2005
Austin, TX

New Year's Eve 2004 marked the 6th Annual Hyde Park Progressive Party as well as the 2nd Annual New Year's Eve Dinner party.

I started at Carolyn & Ward's for the first course of the dinner party, then joined the progressive party in progress. Phase 1 was at Amy & Omid's house. Meca hosted Phase 2. And Tom hosted the grand New Year's finale.