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Flying to Vegas Flying to Vegas Clouds & shadows Lake Powell
Martini lunch Lunch at the Aladdin casino Brian's dessert Tom & Omid
Bally's & Paris The new Treasure Island My first and only win Intimacy requested
Brian & Krispy Kremes Tom & me Bundled-up lifeguard It's Tim!!!
Gummi worm Tom, mesmerized Tim gets to second base Tangerine nightclub
New Wynn casino Drinking in Tangerine Drinking in Tangerine Waiting for the Sirens
Somewhat somber roup shot
March 24-26, 2005
Las Vegas, NV

Tim, Brian, Omid, Kyle, Kyle's friend Shawn, Tom, and I hit Vegas during March Madness for a few days of gambling, eating, and drinking at sports books. We stayed at the revamped Treasure Island, or TI, which has moved from the kiddie pirate theme to the sexy adult pirate theme.

Tom and I flew back to Austin Saturday night, while Tim, Brian, Omid, and Kyle stayed till Sunday morning.