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Trish cooks Virginia, Omid, & Bob On the deck In the backyard
Orrin, Julie, & Kyle On the deck Amy from the front Amy from the back
Bandit!! Party in the backyard Bob!! Marc & Omid
Kyle!! Tom tells a tale Listening to Tom's tale Ribs!!!
Kyle eats ribs!! Marcus, Craig, Kyle, & ribs!! Marcus, Tom, Bob, & Trish Suzanne, Kyle, & Omid
Suzanne & Virginia Grillmaster Brian Relaxing evening Grill crowd
Party in the backyard Sunset & storm clouds Photog Caroline Craig, Anita, Tom, Tim, & me
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May 29, 2005
Austin, TX

Kyle accepted a 2-year assignment to "T.O." (Toronto), so the weekend before he moved, Trish and Brian hosted a farewell barbecue for Kyle. They made enough food for two parties! (And yes, Trish was social on a Sunday! On a three-day weekend, though).

Everyone there also signed a picture I made from a Star Wars Episode III poster to wish Kyle bon voyage.