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Birthday surprise! Watching the "show" Brian & Hula Honey Brian & Hula Honey
Brian & Hula Honey Brian & Hula Honey Applause for Hula Honey Tom, obstructed
Mackenzie "What are those?" Hula Honey's smooch Waiting for dinner
John Uncle Brian gets a kiss Still waiting for dinner Tom, mesmerized
Checking out the humidor Birthday call from Kyle McKayla, Kristi, Mackenzie, & me Amy & Omid: Nice
Amy & Omid: Nasty Nora Omid, Tim, & a fine ceegar Brian lights a ceegar
Brian smokes Birthday cake Tim relights
August 9, 2005
Austin, TX

For Brian's big 3-7, we went to Cuban restaurant Habana to enjoy pork dishes and frozen mojitos, or frojitos. Trish also surprised Brian with a special guest star, Hula Honey. It also happened to be movie night at the restaurant, so for awhile it was almost like eating at a drive-in ... or, rather, an eat-in? Sit-in? Walk-in? Never mind...