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Trish & Brian Friday crowd Tim's sunscreen Mates of State
Mates of State Umbrella problems New base camp More umbrella problems
Lloyd Doggett (really!) Me Pirate flag Bob
Suzanne & Tom Grupo Fantasma Sunset John Prine
John Prine Sunset Keane at sunset Sunset
Flagbearer Brian Captain Morgan Trish & glo-sticks Keane
Glo-sticked flag Angry Bob Me, Sarah, & Barbara Keane
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September 23-25, 2005
Austin, TX

Ah, my third ACL Fest! At least this year they moved it a week later in the year, after last year's baking heat-fest. Surely it couldn't be any worse this year!

Yes, it could. And don't call me "Shirley."

This year's theme? The Dust Bowl. Dust and dried grass on the wind almost all weekend long. Then, once you've resigned yourself to living in The Grapes of Wrath, say, let's crank up the heat to 108 -- the hottest day of the entire year! In the final week of September?!?!

Still, the Kaiser Chiefs, M83, Keane, Jet, Coldplay, and other bands were cool ... even if we (and they) weren't...

Some of the photos came from Tom's, Caroline's, Omid's, and Amy's cameras.