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February 5, 2006
Austin, TX

One month after my alma mater Texas Longhorns were in the Rose Bowl playing for a National Championship, my favorite NFL team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, were in the Super Bowl! Naturally, I hosted the party for Super Bowl XL.

The game wasn't anywhere near as good as the Rose Bowl was, but despite playing a very sloppy game on offense, the Steelers hung on to win their 5th championship. And I won the 2nd quarter in the football pool as well! Craig and ? won the 1st and 3rd quarters, while Anita took home the biggest pile. (Both Anita and I were repeat winners from last year, though she hit the jackpot this year).

Ready for Ro-Tel Bob collects the dough Tom does Capote Virginia picks the numbers
Bob laughs Watching the game Watching & eating Steelers score!!
I win the 2nd quarter!! Virgina whacks off Ahh, chocolate Kitchen crowd
Steelers score again! Bob's in the lead The Girls' Futon Watching the game
The girls seem happy Watching & chatting A tight game ? wins the 3rd
Late Craig collects Steelers win!! Anita wins too! "Here's your damn money!"
Brian & Tom Craig, Tim, & Anita Craig, Tim, & Anita