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September 9, 2006
Austin, TX

It was billed at the game of the season, and it was only the 2nd week. The #1 ranked team, Ohio State, came to Austin to play the #2-ranked Longhorns. So, hoping for a game along the lines of the Rose Bowl earlier this year, I hosted the big event.

Alas, with Vince Young gone to the NFL, the young (lowercase) offense of the 'Horns just wasn't up to snuff this time. Oh well.

Star chip!! Brian cooks Bob, Cal, Virginia, & Anita
Watching the game Watching the game Trish & Phoebe
Phoebe, Cal, & Bob Brian, Craig, & Marcus Watching the game
Andrew & Barbara Me Marcus, Virginia, Tom, & Andrew
Anita, Bob, & Brian No pictures!! Nice TV, bad score
Final seconds Trish & Brian with pom limeade