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November 11-12, 2006
Austin, TX

On Nov. 9, the Chamberlain siblings' mother passed away. Tom and Bob were joined in Austin by Caroline and three of their four other siblings, Bill, Liz, and Mary. On Saturday, they hosted an Irish wake in honor of their mom at Mother Egan's. And coincidentally, the UT game was also on TV.

Me & the T's Omid, Brian, Marc, & Amy K Watching the UT game At Mother Egan's
Anita, Bill, Caroline, & me Brian, Omid, & Marc Brian & Tim Amy K, Omid, & others
Suzanne, Virginia, & Amy G J.M., Thumper, Michelle, & Babs Bill, Caroline, & Tim Tamara & Bob
Tom, Brian, Marc, & Amy G Browsing family photos Animated discussion Liz, Mary, & Tom
Chamberlain sibilings Omid, Marc, Brian, & Amy K Amy G, Bob, & Tim Tim, Michelle, & Barbara
Trish & Amy K order food Virginia & ? Michelle & Babs Marc, Brian, & coats
At Mother Egan's Trish gets comfortable At Mother Egan's Trish gets food
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