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December 31, 2006–
January 1, 2007
Austin, TX

Another New Year's Eve, another year of party-hopping. This year, I hit the first two stops of the traditional Hyde Park Progressive Party, at Tim's and Amy & Omid's houses. Then I headed to the Playland Skate Center to for the Alamo Drafthouse's K-TEL/ELO Rollerskating New Year's Party, featuring the band K-Tel Hit Machine.

Barbara, Matt, Michelle, Trish, Andrew, Liz, and I managed to skate without breaking anything, but Brian didn't get a chance because they were out of skates in his size. Still, skating was just a small part of it; the rest involved ELO covers from the band (which includes Liz's brother), and of course lots and lots of booze!

Me & Omid Duby & Amy K. Photog Omid In the kitchen
On the porch Jennie, Jim, & friends Barbara, Anita, & Tom Amy cops a feel
Meca, me, & John Meca, Tom, Babs, John, & Virg Tom & Tim Bob, Babs, & Anita
Me, Bob, Anita, & Babs On the sofa Door prize drawing! We have a winner!
Barbara wins! Hearty congrats It's a lamp! Tim & ?
Tim & Barbara Omid & ? Me, Tom, Virg, Bob, & Babs In Tim's house
Tim & Jim Jennie & ? Party crowd Heading out
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