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March 29-30, 2008
Dallas, TX

Our documentary is a real film now!! Six Man, Texas premiered at the AFI Dallas film festival in, well, Dallas. We got to attend both the premiere screening and the red carpet event afterwards, where we got to pretend we were celebrities by walking down a red carpet while being interviewed and photographed by the media.

Tom & Tom Tom Lobby at the premiere Waiting for the premiere

It's a real movie!

Six Man on the schedule

Star coach and players

The Magnolia theater lobby Line for Six Man

AFI Dallas placard

Tom goofs off

Crowd for the world premiere Alan addresses the audience Outside the theater Setting up the red carpet Me on the red carpet!
Crowded red carpet Alan interviewed on the red carpet Tom on the red carpet Me on the red carpet

Uncle Fester!!

Me, Colter, Matt, & Tom on the red carpet

Me, Colter, Matt, & Tom on the red carpet

Red-carpet interview

Red-carpet interview

Red carpet from a distance
Me after the premiere Six Man sandwichboard The Target Festival Lounge Free Target swag The Target pool table
Victory Plaza from the Target Festival Lounge Two cueballs! Me lining up my shot Tom shoots Tom, Alan, Mike, & me
The Target Festival Lounge Six Man movie poster Garden of shapely plant women Garden of shapely plant women Stacked plants
Tom poses with a plant woman Gummi Target! Victory Plaza AFI Dallas screen Victory Plaza