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April 19-20, 2008
Austin, TX

Amy and Omid hosted a surprise birthday party for Kyle on their brand-new screened-in patio. Omid also wanted a short film about Kyle to show at the party, so I directed The Kyle Gupton Halftime Show, a 12-minute film that we created the week before the party. (If you'd like to see the film, you have to contact me; it's not posted for the general public to see). The food included some great salads and a spicy meat fiesta.

Waiting for Kyle Waiting for Kyle Waiting for Kyle

Waiting for Kyle

Waiting for Kyle



Trish & Virginia get wine

Omid grills

Trish cooks

Brian cuts Kyle, Marc, & Omid eat Kyle, Marc, Omid, & Amy eat Trish & Tom refill the candle New porch!
Tom & Virginia eat Kyle, Omid, Amy, Marc, Tim, & Suzanne Tom scarfs a salad Ewww! moment

Watching the Kyle film

Owls are assholes

Beef and pork charts

Bag of oranges(?)

Kyle cuts cake

John & Omid do a shot
Amy's rib Trish tosses a beer Ready to shotgun! Trying to shotgun Shotgunning beer!!
After-shotgun More shotgunning! More shotgunning! More shotgunning! Amy worships
Cracker monocle Tom & Kyle dance goofily Tom & Kyle dance goofily Omid pours shots Tom takes a shot
Pensive Kyle Birthday gift! Birthday gift! Happy Marc Happy Kyle
Omid & his neighbors Omid & Kyle with drunk neighbor