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May 26, 2008
Austin, TX

To kick off the summer on Memorial Day, Barbara, Michelle B., and I went on a zipline tour through the cypress trees of the Hill Country, about 40 minutes out of town. I'm sure compared to ziplines in Alaska or South America, Cypress Valley Canopy Tours is no big deal, as we were probably never more than 30 feet up. (Okay, it would still hurt a lot if you fell, but I assume the ones in other places are 75-100 feet up or more). Still, none of us had ever been on one before, and it's nearby, so we decided it'd be a fun and different thing to do.

Michelle with camera Michelle & me all suited up Michelle prepares to go

First zipline away!

Backwards crossing

Backwards crossing

Michelle zips away I zip away Me arriving Babs arriving
Me cruising along Michelle waits for Barbara Barbara at the halfway point Michelle arrives The sisters
Barbara in flight Michelle in the distance The final bridge We survived!! Home on the range
Michelle!! Me!! Babs!! Me & Michelle!! Mallard ducks!!
Barbara by the lake Michelle eyes the ducks Me & Michelle relaxing Female duck flock Barbara swims
Me swimming Wary of the ducks The sisters