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July 18-19, 2008
Austin, TX

After the second-to-last performance of the play What I Want Right Now, the playwright hosted a cast and crew party at his house.

The play starred Tom and ran four nights a week for a month. I was the Foley artist (i.e. sound effects) for the play, but the director put me on stage and incorporated me into some of the actors' actions.

Two Omids!! Gifts! Opening gifts

Carol enjoys her apron

Callie, Omid G., and Leng

Omid G., Randall, & Amy L. goof off

Amy L. clowns around Cast & crew! Cast & crew! Cast & crew!
Randall and fox Tom meets a fox Callie, Steve, & Virginia Tom, Omid G., & Leng Amy L., Callie, Omid G., & Randall
Me, Tom, Virginia, Tom W., & Leng Me, Tom, & Virginia