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August 30, 2008
Austin, TX

Trish and Brian's "trailer park" was the site for yet another summer party. This time it was the wedding shower for Anita and John. It was a very muggy August afternoon; the trailer proved to be a welcome spot in which to cool off.

Hanging around the grill Getting ready The grill

Muggy afternoon

Hanging out by the trailer

Pickles on sticks!

Brian with a pickle on a stick

Brian grills

John & sons

Alex's first soda

Buffet time Laura gets dessert Laura with brownies Dessert buffet Filming interviews
Filming interviews Cassie interviews Laura & Eric Tamara & presents Amy K. & Virginia in the mist

Amy K. & Virginia in the mist

Trish cuts meat

Amy K. & I cool off

Enjoying the a/c

Anita & John with knife

Opening shower gifts
Muggy afternoon Opening shower gifts Logan & Jacob swing me in the hammock Me in the hammock Late afternoon partygoers
Jill gets dessert Tom enjoys a brownie John gets a nip Merry, Anita, & John Kids in the hammock
Late afternoon partygoers Late afternoon partygoers Anita goes for the bottle Late afternoon partygoers Trish, Amy K., & Mitra
Adding Anita Jill & Virginia All the girls All the girls Guests of honor
Omid's outside looking in Amy K., Virginia, & Trish Trish tries to cop a feel Amy K. & Omid Ummm...