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September 6-7, 2008
Austin, TX

Bachelor party time!! With less than a month to go before John's wedding day, we took John out for his bachelor party festivities. John insisted on a semi-formal affair, so we all wore jackets and arranged a limo (more of a limo minibus) for the evening.

We started at Amy and Omid's house, had dinner at Austin Land & Cattle Company, had Jägerbombs at The Brown Bar, went, um, somewhere else for a few hours, and finally got fresh donuts from Mrs. Johnson's Donuts at 1:30 am.

A girl at a bachelor party?!? Waiting for the limo Group photo

Tom, John, & Kyle drink

In the limo!

Ad for a certain establishment

John, Tom, & me in the limo

Omid & John at AL&C

Toast to John!

Tom sits straight

John's having a good time! Kyle at AL&C Lt. Gov. Dewherst with lobbyist? Brian & me at AL&C Brian!!
AL&C lamp Kyle & John at The Brown Bar Omid & Brian at The Brown Bar Me & Tom at The Brown Bar

Kyle, John, & the UT game

Tom & Kyle at The Brown Bar


After Jägerbombs

After Jägerbombs

John's closeup
Brian's closeup Omid's closeup Kyle's closeup Tom's closeup My closeup
Back in the limo Back in the limo "Shup up, Omid!" Me relaxing in the limo A few hours later...

Tom & me back in the limo

Brian gets donuts!! Digging into donuts Brian & Omid munch Tom & John snack
Me & Brian with early-morning donuts!