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September 18, 2008
Austin, TX

There's nothing like glass after glass of margaritas for your birthday (see here and here), so for the third year in a row I went Tex-Mex for my birthday dinner. This year it was Cantina Laredo, followed by some very weak drinks at Qua.

Monty Python DVD from M&M!! Vodka from Babs!! Creepy cupcake from Alan!!

Virginia, Tom, & me

Kyle, Omid, Amy K., & Virginia

Gifts from Trish & Brian!!

Anita, John, & Matt

Michelle K., Andrew, Craig, & Kyle

Tom, me, Babs, Ingrid, & Alan

Tom, me, Babs, Ingrid, & Alan

Babs, Ingrid, Alan, Anita, John, Matt, & Michelle K. Amy K. & Virginia Omid poses Michelle K., Andrew, Craig, & Kyle Amy K., Virginia, Tom, & me
Craig & Kyle admire dinner Craig's impresive dinner Sisters Barbara & Michelle B. Matt & Michelle K.

iTunes from Michelle B.!!

Ingrid & Alan

Sisters Barbara & Michelle B.

John as Matt gesticulates

Anita & John

Sparkling birthday dessert!
Sparkling birthday dessert! Kyle, Omid, & Amy K. Virginia & Tom Craig & Kyle Matt & Michelle K.
Andrew & Craig Craig & Kyle Omid & Amy K. Craig, Kyle, & Omid Ingrid, Babs, Michelle B., Anita, John, & Matt

Michelle B.

Amy K. & Virginia Anita & John say goodnight Andrew, Barbara, Michelle B., & me Michelle B. & me
Craig, Kyle, Omid, & Amy K. Omid with an extra $20 Virginia & Tamara