Southwest reflection In the Pixar theater Alan and our host Me with my Pixar nametag! Our title screen!
In the Pixar lobby Pixar Studio Store In the Pixar lobby Pixar decorations Virginia with Sulley
Me with Sulley & Mike Me, Alan, & Tom with Pixar lamp Pixar icons Pixar entrance George & Caroline with Pixar lamp
Tom reads by Pixar cap light Marc & Vonda Caroline & George Virginia, Tom, & me Waiting for the Caltrain
Alligator gar Reef fish Reef fish Orange reef fish Eels
Tom & Caroline Reef fish Camoflaged fish Touching starfish Coral?
Sandy fish Giant fish Jellyfish Glowing fish Lizard
Leaf fish George & Caroline Moray eels Big-eyed fish Angel fish?
Urchins? Hidden fish Tiny shrimp Tiny fish Nautilus
Taxidermy room Living Roof George, Virginia, Tom, & Caroline Virginia, Tom, & me California Academy of Sciences