Waiting for dinner Mmmmmm!!! Digging in Ward's meal Me, Anita, Cal, & Kayla
John & Brian wait Virginia, Trish, Kristi, & Kensie Dart Bowl dining room Trish, Kristi, & Kensie Trish is sad
Co-birthday boy! Sisters Kensie & Kayla Andrew, Kayla, Brian, & Ward Kensie tries Andrew's glasses Horsing around with Uncle Brian
Cal bowls Hitting the lanes Co-birthday boy John bowls John gives pointers Kensie bowls
Andrew bowls Ward's bowling form Cal & Brian line up Brian gets ready Waiting to bowl
Kensie & John bowl Andrew bowls Hanging out at Dart Bowl Me bowling Ward bowls
Hanging out John bowls Brian lets it go Kensie's new strategy Me ready to bowl
Sisters Trish & Kristi The non-bowlers Me!! John prepares Late bowlers
Junior Mint and Fritos cars