Craig's liquor Omid & John Tim T. & Andy Omid the bartender Kyle
Craig & me Toast to Craig! Watching Omid & Tim's video WTF?? Watching Omid & Tim's video
Andy's big moment Craig drinks again John at Fogo Kyle at Fogo Andy & Craig at Fogo
No velcro! Photo duel Tim & Tom Paparazzi!! Brian & Andy
Kyle & Omid Guest of honor Brian & Craig Brian & Omid Brian & Omid
Tim T. & John Omid's ready for meat! Craig & me Let the meat fiesta begin! Tim gets a slab
Craig gets meat Meat fiesta at Fogo Meat fiesta at Fogo John gets meat Tim digs in
John digs in Andy's eyes Omid & Tom Craig's halo Omid wants more
Food coma Andy's fancy coffee After the meat fiesta Kyle, Andy, Craig, & Omid After the meat fiesta
Alas, poor Yorick! Omid's root canal? Leaving Fogo John at Fogo Craig outside Fogo
Everyone outside Fogo Frost Building World's most harmless gang Be ready! Warehouse District
Wedding carriage Omid, Kyle, & Tom at Ginger Man Brian & Craig At Ginger Man Legs!!
Sleepy Omid Tom, Brian, & Omid in the taxi Brian & Omid A tender moment Couldn't wait
Tim's red light district Tom & John Brian Tim, Kyle, & Omid Tom & John
Kyle & Omid Brian Kyle, me, & Omid Me & Omid Tom, John, & Tim
Party animals Party animals Party animals