Amy poses Kyle shoots Amy Brian's #1! Kyle with Amy's shades Kyle poses
Kyle the photographer Brian, Kyle, & Ashley Birthday boy! Brian & Kyle Our table
Cupcakes!! Cupcakes!! Lighting the candle Ready to blow! Blowing out the candle
Kyle gets his reward Kyle with cupcake Kyle still with cupcake John & Brian John
Trish & Virginia Me, Omid, & Trish Kyle, me, & Trish John Kyle in motion
Ashley & others Tom's mad! Tom's shorn head Brian & Amy Brian & Amy
Kyle & Brian Feeling Tom's head Tom, Brian, & John Virginia in shades Trish in shades
Me in shades Brian glows Omid, Tom, John, & Brian Trish & Brian Saying good night
Saying, um... Saying good night Trish & Brian Amy & Kyle Brian in shades
Saying good night Saying good night John Still saying good night