Suzanne & Trish Waiting for BBQ George, Trish, me, & Brian Bob, George, Trish, me, & Brian Tom & Trish
First group eats Mmm, meat... Second group still in line Separated by the door Trish & Brian order
More meat! Bob digs in Virginia & Jack Chowing down Chowing down
George & Caroline Meat fiesta Snow's smokers Snow's wood supply Brian & Trish dig in
Chowing down Caroline, Suzanne, Jack, & me Happy Dipu & Bob Suzanne & Jack relax Caroline, Jack, & Suzanne
Trish & Brian walk it off Bob & Trish Happy Bob Old cabin Old cabin
Sibling laugh Heading to the car Old grain silo Bustling downtown Lexington Old grain silo
Trish buys eggs Toad done runned over Caroline heads down the block Not a comment on Trish's age Big & small, we feed 'em all
More old cabins More old cabins Craig jaywalks!! Lawbreaker ... caught!! Inside an old cabin
Brian & Trish wait Old silos Bob, Caroline, & George return George on the "beach" Dark blue trio