Tim in his new house John & vintage stove The vintage stove Tim with his vintage stove Tim's celebratory scotch whisky
Tim's Princess phone Tim's new front stoop Tim's new backyard Do not enter! Omid & Tim
Tim's two houses Tim directs a lost Tom Celebrate with scotch whisky! Celebrate with scotch whisky! Omid double-fists
Me, Omid, Tim, & Craig Omid directs a lost Brian Brian starts the tour Craig pisses on Tim's TV John & Craig in Tim's first house
Moving boxes in Tim's first house Me & Bob in Tim's first house Tim & me in his first house Bob & Brian at Flying Saucer John at Flying Saucer
Bob & Brian at Flying Saucer Brian at Flying Saucer Tom & Omid at Flying Saucer Bob & waitress at Flying Saucer Me at Flying Saucer
Tim at Flying Saucer Craig at Flying Saucer Craig & me at Flying Saucer Tim on a girl's bike Heading to Tim's
Omid wants donuts! Brian at the donut drive-thru Omid shoots in the drive-thru Mrs. Johnson's donuts Mrs. Johnson's donuts
Tom & Brian eat donuts John on Tim's first porch Bob, Tom, & Tim Bob & Tim Tom finishes a donut
Brian naps Omid naps Me & Omid Bob's ominous shadow Tim in his first kitchen