Iron Chef ingredients H'ors d'oeuvres H'ors d'oeuvres Waiting for the competition Virginia & Anita
Omid the photog Snuggie from Tim & Yaneth! Brian loves his Snuggie Brian loves Nelson Nelson gets a lift
Brian gets flowers from Leigh AWKward... Johnny's perfect spot Nelson says hi My catalog pose #1
My catalog pose #2 Hanging out in the kitchen Calling out Craig Leigh the Thinker Kent & Amy K.
Brian practices biting Amy & others Omid Iron Chef host Brian The secret ingredient!
Watching host Brian You must cook ... with pork! Traditional pepper bite Team Dipu & Leigh Team Tom & Craig
Amy & Yaneth Brian, Virginia, Tim, & Amy Amy, Jack, & Suzanne Amy & Nora Team Jim & Anita
Brian & Nora Team Dipu & Leigh Team Tom & Craig Omid with Team Anita & Jim Jack & Suzanne
Jack & Suzanne Me chopping Leigh cooking Tom & Craig cooking The contest is underway
Jim, Leigh, & me Amy & Omid Omid, Craig, & Tom Leigh tests the pork It's Trish!!