Hors d'oeuvres! Michelle & Clayton Andrew & Clayton Andrew, Clayton, Liz, & Barbara Matt & holiday beer
Roasting marshmellows Jacob gets close to the fire Making s'mores Making s'mores Cajun s'more
Marshmellows on fire! GC roasts marshmellows Andrew cuts the cake GC eats marshmellows By the fire pit
Liz, Andrew, & Matt Flowers in bloom Erika's marshmellow Roasting marshmellows Roasting marshmellows
Fire & marshmellows Mmmm, s'mores... Me sans jacket Barbara's nursing in public! Horrified at the spectacle
She's nursing! Happy Clayton No longer hungry Clayton says hi to Michelle GC makes a sign
Michelle, Clayton, & me Barbara & goofy Matt Aunt & nephew Frank & Erika say bye GC, Michelle, & Clayton
Murphy & Barbara Murphy & Barbara Barbara, Bertrand, & Murphy GC, Michelle, & Clayton GC gets a Michelle toupee
Tasty fist GC, Clayton, Michelle, & me GC & Clayton Clayton in jammies Father & son
Monkey footies Ready for bed Murphy