Fresh from the oven! Hanging out in the kitchen Ester, Judy, & Fiona Jaden, Alex, & my iPad My parents & cousin
Barbara, Vernell, & Clayton John carves the turkey! Mmmm, turkey Abanti & Njenga Food!
Carving the turkey Barbara & Ward with newborns Thanksgiving feast Getting seated Getting seated
Anita, Ester, & Amy G. Thanksgiving feast Thanksgiving feast Ready to eat! Time to eat!
Time to eat! Barbara & Clayton Anita & John Goofy Anita & John My mom
Anita Alex Carolyn Ester Me
John Kinuthia Judy, Ward, Fiona, & John Judy, Fiona, & Carolyn Fiona & a pomelo
Amy & Logan Me, my parents, & my cousin John, Logan, Jacob, & Vernell Kinuthia, Tish, Njenga, & Amy's mom Dessert!
Anita's mom & my mom Njenga & my dad Barbara, Clayton, Vernell, & Bertrand relax Njenga & Kinuthia Ward, Fiona, & Njenga
Anita, John, Amy G., & Carolyn Bertrand & Clayton Kinuthia Anita & Njenga Me, Jaden, & my iPad