Michelle gets lunchmeat! Readying the main dishes Barbara, Bertrand, & Clayton Mmmm, pork... Appetizers
Readying the pork Turkey's done! Waiting for dinner Readying the pork Black & red
Red & black Bertrand carves the bird Good-looking bird Readying the turkey Carved turkey
Dinner setting Buttering the rolls The buffet spread Christmas Eve placesettings Christmas Eve placesettings
Dinner time! Dinner time! The buffet spread The buffet spread The buffet spread
Eating dinner Entering food coma Popping a cracker Popping a cracker Frank, Michelle, & GC with their crowns
Mike & Irene with their crowns Me with my crown GC, Barbara, & Clayton Serving dessert Bertrand's dessert
Serving dessert Opening Clayton's gifts GC & Michelle Clayton's knit cap Clayton's knit cap
Mother, son, aunt, & grandmother